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September makes us think of fall, school, football, and the end of summer.   Although Kansas’s temperatures can be sometimes cool and sometimes hot, fall is on its way.  We have had almost a month of school now and everyone is adapting to a school routine.  

            I appreciate the cooperation of parents and students with our new dress code.  Everyone has been remembering to wear their school spirit shirts on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, and on Mass days we are really looking sharp with everyone in their black polo school shirts.  There are a few families patiently waiting for our last shirt order that has been delayed.  One other item we have been watching is leggings and short shorts.  Please check the dress code in our handbook and see that your child is dressed accordingly.  Thank you. 

            September 22 is Picture day and, remember, that we will have a “Free” dress day to let you choose what you would like for your child to wear for pictures.  A note will come home closer to that day.   Vision and hearing screenings will be coming up this month also.

            There are several church feast days we will celebrate this month.  First, on Sept. 8th, is the birthday of Mary.  There are not many birthdays celebrated in the church calendar.  Do you know the other birthdays that are celebrated?    Next, we celebrate Feast of the Exultation of the Cross on Sept. 14th.  Students will design their own crosses in Art class and Father will bless them.  We want to remember how the cross, a memorial of Jesus’s death, is now a symbol of the glory of God.  Also we need to remember how big the little prayer called the Sign of the Cross really is!   At the end of the month we will learn more about the Archangels, Michael, Gabriel and Raphael. 

            School is a busy place and you are always welcome to come and visit.  Enjoy a lunch with your child, just call before 9:30 am and remember lunches are $3.50.  We also enjoy your company at Mass!   We ask that children sit with their class on Wednesdays and they can sit with families on Fridays.  It is one way we continue our mission to prepare minds for tomorrow and souls for eternity.

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