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Everything is Possible

Everything is Possible

We often say or hear the phrase "nothing is impossible". Hmmm, what a play on words. If we do nothing, act on nothing, work towards nothing, we will surely achieve "nothing".  It's impossible to obtain goals through the negative feeling of NOTHING.

Why not establish a feeling of wholesome, solid, light hearted "EVERYTHING".  Give it a whirl. :) Set positive goals and aspirations.  Everything is possible.  Goals can be morphed and transformed, they can be altered and still maintained. Everything is possible!

I've set some solid goals for my time here at Sacred Heart School.

Let's streamline and organize the space so that everything is put away tidy and neat.  Let's make updates to the stage to promote music and performing arts.  Let's enhance technology, making components accessible to every classroom. Let's make the space the best it can be, and encourage everyone who teaches, learns, cooks, answers the phone, cleans, performs a task seen as big or small does that task to the best of their ability.  

Everything is possible!



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