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“The Mission of Sacred Heart School is to prepare minds for tomorrow and souls for eternity.” 

Sacred Heart School helps to prepare students minds for tomorrow through study and action.  This past month the 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students have been working on their thinking skills while taking their ITBS assessment tests. 


The fall months are busy months here at school.  The third grade takes time on Fridays to go to visit the PreK class and help them with various art and reading projects.  Kindergarten is so excited about learning to read. They love reading their leveled readers to each other.  First Grade’s Kindness Club put up a large appreciation sign in front of school for Veteran’s Day.  Fourth Grade took on the role of election board and made a voting booth, ballots and we all got to vote on election day.  They counted both the popular votes and an electoral college votes.  As the SHS students voted, so goes the nation. (Or is it the other way around?)

The fifth grade has taken their learning on the road with Father Rich with a trip to Pilsen, Kansas to learn about Father Emil Kapaun.  This is the town where he was born and raised and even served as pastor.  He later became a military chaplain, and a POW where he dies serving other soldiers during the Korean War.  There were some interesting reports both on Father Kapaun and on the Korean War presented on the way there. 


We put our faith in action on “All Hallows Eve” with our Saints Parade.  The older students presented interesting facts about the saint that they represented.  We appreciated all the parents and parishioners that came watched.   The second grade is busy learning their prayers to prepare themselves for two important sacraments this year, Reconciliation and First Communion. 

We learned some customs and dress of the 1950’s on our celebration of the 50th day of school on Nov. 2nd.  Our Lunchroom (aka “The Pink Lady Café”) was decorated with records, pictures, a jukebox and we listened to music.  Cathy Carney fed us hamburgers and fries with (yogurt) milkshakes in cool paper cars--1950 models of course!  Students and teachers showed us they could rock it and roll it at the Sock Hop, which was held at the end of the day.  We also saw a few cartoons that our grandparents probably watched in the fifties. 

Parents we are keeping your children very busy learning many new and interesting things, but we always remember that you are the first and most important teacher that your child has.  Enjoy God’s gift of time with your children. Check the documents available on the website to find some activities for you and for your family.  Advent is starting soon and remember to get out your Advent wreaths.

God bless you all, Alice Ziegler

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