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Learning is experience.  Everything else is just information.” Albert Einstein


It’s called “sit and get”. The dated, educational practice, that assumes all students learn best when given information in either lecture or two-dimensional written form.  Today, we can do so much more! It is our responsibility.  Understandably, it’s been a lifelong passion of mine to enhance and enrich the lives of others through movement.  I continue to challenge and encourage educators to see the benefits of the application of knowledge through active learning projects. 


“Words, though important, are only bits of information. They are not experiential and only poorly substitute for the directness and freshness of hands-on learning.” Smart Moves, Why Learning Is Not All In Your Head, by Carla Hannaford.


The Diocesan STREAM (Science – Technology – Religion – Engineering – Art – Math) implementation plan is the ultimate active learning perspective.  Sacred Heart School has put together a STREAM TEAM and I’m anxious to see what this young group of creative educators will develop for our school.  

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