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The Mission of Sacred Heart Catholic School is to prepare minds for tomorrow and souls for eternity.

Sacred Heart School, along with other Kansas schools, is required to have a "wellness policy" in which we look at many different ways to make our school as healthy a place to be as possible.  Our policy also encourages family and community members to be involved to make times outside of the school day also healthy.  Obesity rates have continued to climb for years.  Currently, childhood obesity in Kansas is at 30.2% of children.  Colorado does much better with only 23.1% of children considered obese.  However, in the 1980's obesity rates in adults were around the 10% range and weren't documented much for children.  This is becoming, what many consider, an epidemic in our country.  Diabetes is one of the big effects we are seeing more of with obesity rates climbing.  What used to be called "adulthood diabetes" is now called "type 2 diabetes" because it is not something that affects only adults anymore.  One of the worst effects is that, for the first time ever, children born today are expected to die at a younger age than their parents!  On the side of the school's front page is a copy of Sacred Heart School's wellness policy.  We would encourage you to read it and support healthy living at home also!

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