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Pastoral Council

The Pastoral Council, together with the pastor, make up the leadership group of the parish. The primary concern of this group is the spiritual growth of the parish and the carrying out of mission of the parish. The functions of the Pastoral Council are to: identify and evaluate the needs of the parish, set goals and objectives to meet these needs, and monitor and evaluate programs and activities that accomplish the goals and objectives.

Chairperson Tina Harris - 460-6037
Members Tera Binder, Cheryl Carson, Libby Curry, Ike Donn, Denise Garcia, Todd Gardner, Cathy Hawk, Marty Lager, Shawn Reinert, Vernon Roemer, Mike Wiens

Liturgy Commission

The Liturgy Commission is a working arm of the Pastoral Council. It assists the pastor in developing and improving the spiritual life of the members of the parish. Its functions include: accessing the effectiveness of parish programs and organizations in deepening the spiritual life of the parish; providing opportunities for the spiritual growth of the parish through retreats, days of renewal, preparation of the reception of sacraments, small study / prayer groups, etc.; promoting the development of church ministries: cantors, hospitality, lectors, etc.; becoming knowledgeable of liturgical practices and seeking to apply them; becoming knowledgeable of various programs of parish renewal and evaluating their possible application to the parish.

Chairperson Pat Erickson - 462-3890
Members Cindy Cersovsky, Jeannie Solko, Pat Erickson, Brad Fikan

Liturgy “Arts and Environment” Committee

The Liturgy “Arts and Environment” Committee is a subcommittee of the Liturgy Commission. This subcommittee assists in planning for the liturgical seasons of the church and helping in the physical decorating of the church.

Chairperson  Jeanne Schroeder
Members Monique Leavitt, Michelle Roemer, Larry & Mary Schlick, Theresa Schroeder, Dick Snider, Jeannie Solko, Mike & Jacque Wiens

Christian Service / Family Life Commission

The Christian Service/Family Life Commission is a working arm of the Pastoral Council. The commission promotes and coordinates programs that: respond to the social problems of today, that help strengthen family life, and that promote respect for life.

Chairperson Elisa Horinek - 785-458-9311
Members Fr. Rich Daise, Libby Curry, Cathy Hawk, Dianna Gatz, Sheryl Carson,                Breanna McLemore, Amanda Juenemann

Education Commission

The Education Commission is a working arm of the Pastoral Council. The commission determines the goals and objectives to meet the educational needs of the parish; and monitors and evaluates programs designed to implement these goals and objectives.

Chairperson Wally Severson 462-6123
Members Todd Gardner, Allyson Klaus, Laura Schwarz, Tina Schrick, Tom Schrick, Louis Wahlmeier

Maintenance Committee

This committee is responsible for the care of parish facilities including the care and upkeep of the parish building and grounds. The pastor, in consultation with the Pastoral Council, may assign other functions to this committee as circumstances require.

Chairperson Dick Snider - 460-2813

Finance Council

The Finance Council aids the pastor in planning of, providing for and supervising the financial affairs and the physical properties of the parish. The Council is concerned with the budget, stewardship and church support, insurance coverage, and the effective use and maintenance of the parish plant.

Chairperson Joe McIlnay - 462-2012
Members Tony Horinek, Vernon Roemer, Nikole Schroeder, Jessica Vaughn, Dave Voss
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